Apply artificial intelligence in automotive applications, like providing 24x7 pre-sales support services using NLP proxies

Provide 24×7 customer service and get real-time Inventory Intelligence using proxies, which can be accessed through a natural language interface.

Using NLP proxies for Automotive applications, franchises or dealers or DMS vendors can provide 24x7 Presales & Aftersales services, or get real-time Inventory Intelligence etc..

NLP proxies that apply artificial intelligence in automotive applications, which include inventory management system, can get real-time inventory intelligence through a natural language interface. Additionally, these proxies can also provide 24×7 customer service, including pre-sales and after-sales services. in Automotive Industry

Incremental Deployment

Deploy as per your budget allocations. For e.g., First, you can train and deploy an NLP trained proxy for employees to do search of your inventory through a natural language interface. Next, you can train it to address pre-sales queries from potential customers. Later, you can train it to address Social media queries or Aftersales service requests etc.

Ease Of Deployment

You can deploy proxy for access either on your automotive organization’s main website or use native mobile app of or integrate with your organization’s existing mobile app or on messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger or integrate within your DMS etc..

Lower Technology Costs

Proxzar's NLP trained proxies are accessed by signing-up with either Quarterly/ Annual subscriptions or # of estimated subscribers during a certain time period. future of Artificial Intelligence at every stage in automotive industry

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