Discrete Manufacturing


Drive efficiency in supply chain management and new product development processes

Benefits of implementing Smart Assistants in Manufacturing Industry


  • Get real-time inventory intelligence
  • Drive efficiency in supply chain process
  • Make your innovation or new product development process more effective 
  • Implement Voice of the Customer (VoC) program across several applications including social media and websites
  • Enhance employee productivity by facilitating ease of search related to organization’s knowledge base, inventory, track delivery status of various orders etc.

Specific benefits of using Proxzar platform

  • Unified natural language interface for all stake-holders 
  • Easy to deploy on website, mobile apps or any online platforms like MSN Messenger or any enterprise apps like ERP, MES, CMS etc
  • Train and deploy as per budget allocations 
  • Easy sign-up 
  • Subscription costs based on # of users and # of pages (size of your organization’s data)

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