Proxzar® builds AI applications for healthcare that automate mundane patient maintenance tasks or predicting insurance fraud or automating certain admin workflows etc..

Create, train and host proxies as NLP virtual assistant for healthcare administration needs – like providing actionable intelligence to your field personnel from both structured and unstructured clinical data.

Healthcare providers can increase efficiency and effectiveness of their field personnel by providing actionable intelligence that is generated from clinical data. proxies created as NLP virtual assistant for healthcare administration needs can guide the field personnel through a natural language interface to the clinical data, which could be in both structured or unstructured format. Also, these proxies can be deployed across the supply chain to track the status of deliverable from assorted vendors. The proxies can also be trained to interact with patients, like, patient literacy and engagement etc.. in Healthcare Industry

Incremental Deployment

Deploy as per your budget allocations. For e.g., First, you can train and deploy a proxy for Registered Nurses (RNs) to do a search of a certain patient’s case history using natural language interface. Next, you can train it to track delivery status of your medical orders with various vendors. Later, you can train it to provide virtual nutritionist help etc..

Ease Of Deployment

You can deploy the NLP trained proxy for access either on your Healthcare organization’s main website or use our free native mobile app or integrate with your organization’s existing mobile app or on messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger or integrate within your enterprise apps like HMS etc..

Lower Technology Costs proxies are accessed by signing-up with either Quarterly/ Annual subscriptions or # of estimated RNs/ patients during a certain time period.

Do you start with max projected savings that might result from a certain AI application? or
Do you start with major pain points in providing patient care and see how AI could address them? or
Do you start with your employees capability in designing and implementing new products and services? or
Do you start based on the volume of data that your organization has accumulated over years and looking to extract actionable intelligence from that data using AI? or
Do you start based on what products your organization has successfully launched over the previous years? or

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