Simplify Enterprise Search Using Smart Assistants

Provide authentic, specific and instant answers to questions about your company policies or products and services - for your customers or prospects or vendors or employees - by simplifying enterprise search using smart assistants trained on AI/Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

Why Proxzar®


With our custom intent engine, an organization’s knowledge can be categorized as per the org structure or as per departments/divisions etc.. to facilitate incremental training and deployment of smart assistants.


Smart assistants can be deployed on the Web, Mobile and Enterprise apps like ERP, CRM, LMS or CMS and even could be integrated with Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or other Online Platforms.


Proxzar has both Subscription and Pay-per-use models, which reduce the total cost of ownership to maintain smart assistants.


We use NLP and Deep Learning to understand and generate knowledge representations from content. Our proprietary algorithms use these representations to provide relevant responses by identifying right intents.



Online Product Catalog Search

Helping potential customers in selecting right products based on their requirements gathered during real-time conversations..

Regulatory Procedures Search

Provide just-in-time understanding of the processes and procedures or work instructions related to regulatory or quality standards like ISO 9001:2008 etc..

Employee Self Service

Use smart assistants that facilitate employee self-service on HR policy etc.. Further, they can be seamlessly integrated into the organization's enterprise portals like SAP, Oracle HRMS etc.

Employee Self Learning

Reduce overall costs of the organization’s Learning and Development with trained smart assistants that can be seamlessly integrated into the organization's enterprise LMS or CMS.

Distance Learning Programs

Address the challenge of scheduling conflicts and limited availability of Faculty in the Universities and Academic Institutions that offer distance learning programs.

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