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by experts,
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Proxzar is an augmented learning platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Proxzar helps in connecting experts from various fields on a single platform.

Proxzar benefits subscribers in facilitating ease of access to the assorted subject matter expertise through proxies, which are accessed using natural language interface.

Artificial Intelligence powered Natural Language Interface Platform - Mirza Fazal

Why Chose Proxzar?

Incremental deployment across departments

Segment an organization's knowledge to facilitate incremental training and deployment of proxies based on the budgetary allocations to the segment.

Proprietary AI algorithms

We use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and our propreitary algorithms to understand and generate knowledge representations to provide most relevant responses by identifying right intents.

Scaleable access to experts curated content

End users can access proxies of hundreds of experts to get 24x7 help on the topics relevant to them - all from a single natural language interface of Proxzar.

Ease of deployment across multiple channels proxies accessed using Natural Language Interface proxies can be deployed on the Web, Mobile, Enterprise apps like ERP, CRM, LMS or CMS and Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or other Online Platforms.

Low costs of technology has both subscription and pay-per-use pricing models for the most discerning organizations and end users.

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Online Product Catalog Search

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Product Search - by Mirza Fazal

Helping potential customers in selecting right products based on their requirements gathered during conversations with a proxy, which is accessed using a natural language interface.

Regulatory Procedures Search

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Regulatory Procedure - by Mirza Fazal

Provide just-in-time understanding of processes and procedures related to regulatory or quality standards like ISO or BIS to employeees of the organization.

Distance Learning Programs

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Distance Learning - by Mirza Fazal

Address the challenge of scheduling conflicts and limited availability of Faculty in the Universities and Academic Institutions that offer distance learning programs.

Employee Self-service

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Self Service - by Mirza Fazal

Integrate one or more proxies trained on HR or Quality or other Technical processes and procedures with enterprise portals like SAP, Oracle HRMS etc..

Employee Self-learning

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Self Learning - by Mirza Fazal

Reduce overall costs of the organization’s L&D by training proxies on various subject matter expertise related to knowledge and skills required.

Influencer Avatar

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Influencer Avatar - by Mirza Fazal

An influencer who is a subject matter expert with hundreds of followers can create, train and deploy his proxy.

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