Proxzar® is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform on cloud to create, train and host proxies*, which are accessed through a natural language interface.
A proxy could be created as a chatbot or a natural language search application.

Why Chose Proxzar®


Incremental Deployment


Ease Of Deployment


Lower Technology Costs


Proprietary AI Algorithms


Online Product Catalog Search


Helping potential customers in selecting right products based on their requirements gathered during real-time conversations with a proxy, which is created and trained with the data from the products manufactured and/or distributed by the organization. The proxy is accessed through a natural language interface.

Regulatory Procedures Search

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Regulatory Procedure - by Mirza Fazal

Provide just-in-time understanding of the processes and procedures or work instructions related to regulatory or quality standards like ISO 9001:2008 or ISO/TS 16949:2009 for Automotive or BIS or FSSAI regulations to employees of the organization.

Distance Learning Programs

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Distance Learning - by Mirza Fazal

Address the challenge of scheduling conflicts and limited availability of Faculty in the Universities and Academic Institutions that offer distance learning programs. The institution can create and train one or more proxies with data from the subject matter expertise of respective faculty. The proxies can be accessed through a natural language interface by the students who enroll into courses offered by the institution.

Employee Self-service

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Self Service - by Mirza Fazal

Create and train one or more proxies with data on HR or Quality or other Technical processes and procedures. The trained proxies can be seamlessly integrated into the organization’s enterprise portals like SAP, Oracle HRMS etc..

Employee Self-learning

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Self Learning - by Mirza Fazal

Reduce overall costs of the organization’s Learning and Development with proxies trained with data from assorted courses on which the employees are getting trained. The proxies can be seamlessly integrated into the organization’s enterprise LMS or CMS.

Influencer Avatar

Proxzar Natural Language Interface UseCase Influencer Avatar - by Mirza Fazal

An influencer who is a subject matter expert with hundreds of followers can create and train his proxy on our platform without any knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. His proxy can be accessed by his followers using a natural language interface – either provided by Proxzar or through a custom application.

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