Natural language processing in healthcare

The healthcare industry needs technology advancements to maintain value-based care for every patient. One of the most applicable technologies is Natural language processing (NLP). The most useful application of NLP technology in the healthcare industry is clinical documentation. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Using AI for coaching an individual in multiple skills

Implementing personalized training for each and every employee on the skills that needs to be abridged demand bigger training & development budget. This is where using AI for coaching an individual in multiple skills at a fraction of the budgeted training & development costs.

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Using AI driven natural language search in e-commerce industry

Searching has changed over years. Today, people no longer type generic keywords. They know that if they want fast and correct results, they need to be specific in what they want and type precise terms when searching. Usage of “Me’ and “I” have increased as they provide more relevant and personal content. Personalized searches have become more as personal advisors and trusted partners for the users as consumers believe that these advisors understand better and answer all their queries with right answer at right time.

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Artificial Intelligence

What sales operations could be automated using AI

Do you know that an average sales team spends just 15 hours for selling out of their 40 hours per week schedule? A research by Salesforce says “25% of a sales representative’s week is dedicated to large volumes of administrative tasks”. This opens up an immense possibility where AI can be used to automate some of the Sales operations.

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