Our Thoughts On Natural Language Interface, NLP and AI applications

Artificial Intelligence

AI in pharmaceutical industry

It takes around $2.6 billion for a drug to get officially authorized and bring into the market for public consumption. Today, pharma companies are investing in tech companies and bringing in AI-based applications for better drug development. Initially, AI in pharmaceutical industry was applied in the areas of drug discovery for predicting molecule-target bonding, to identify biomarkers, to discover new drug indications, clinical trials and to improve manufacturing efficiencies.

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Top 8 Use Cases for Machine Learning & AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have changed the way businesses interact with customers. Marketing has always been customer-centric and activity associated with marketing is expected to yield maximum ROI. Anything that doesn’t please your customer or target audience is not saleable in the market. Thus, to keep the marketing efforts on target, make it personalize and reach maximum customer base, businesses are using AI and ML technologies.

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Natural Language Interface

The 7 NLP Techniques That Will Change How You Communicate in the Future

As part of my research to understand the advances being made in AI / NLP technology, I read the excellent article titled ‘The 7 NLP Techniques That Will Change How You Communicate in the Future‘ by James Le that was published online on Medium. James vividly explains these techniques in detail – which makes it an excellent read for anyone who is interested in NLP. In this article, I attempted to put my own understanding of these advances in NLP technology.

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How AI Helps Facilitate Omnichannel Experience In e-Commerce

Technology keeps us inspiring and surprising every day by adding convenience to our lives. Digital platforms have changed the B2B buying scenario where customers focus on more personalized, seamless experiences with quick responses and 24/7 interaction. Today machines, mobile apps, software and several algorithms understand what we speak and respond in the same language. These machines can even understand human emotions and provide solutions to various issues. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines can analyze and interpret extensive amount of data within seconds and predict future prospects.

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Artificial Intelligence

How AI can be used to streamline assorted business processes

Markets are dynamic and moving faster than imagined. To stay with the evolving market, businesses need to design their processes that are automated, agile, and fast-paced. To achieve the dynamism companies are adopting more flexible, results-driven approach and hence, companies are deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to facilitate the transformation.

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