Our Thoughts On Natural Language Interface, NLP and AI applications


Top 8 applications of Artificial Intelligence in marketing

For every business, a well-defined marketing strategy is at the core of the growth process by generating revenue. There are several applications of Artificial Intelligence that can help in building good marketing strategies. To create a good marketing strategy, there is a need for volumes of data, which takes lots of time to collate manually.

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Artificial Intelligence

8 usecases of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are advanced technologies that could solve the most critical problems faced by organizations. Apart from facilitating automation of critical business processes in an organization, these technologies can also greatly enhance the quality of final deliverable that could establish brand reputation. For e.g., Facebook.com is using these technologies for filtering spam emails and fake posts, thereby improving the quality of user experience.

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Effect Healthcare in the Near Future

Organizations have to derive advantages of new technologies by adopting and integrating them into their business processes. Healthcare industry seems to be moving in a right direction by adopting artificial intelligence technology. The reason behind adopting AI technology is to provide an accurate and quality healthcare to patients.

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Natural language processing in healthcare

The healthcare industry needs technology advancements to maintain value-based care for every patient. One of the most applicable technologies is Natural language processing (NLP). The most useful application of NLP technology in the healthcare industry is clinical documentation. 

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